THE MATRIX Resurrections Ending Explained | Post Credits, Movie Breakdown, Review & Easter Eggs

THE MATRIX Resurrections Ending Explained | Post Credits, Movie Breakdown, Review & Easter Eggs

THE MATRIX Resurrections Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene, Full Movie Breakdown, Review & Easter Eggs. We review, recap and explain the 4th Matrix Movie, The Matrix Resurrections. Starring Keanu Reeves we ask if it was worth bringing The Matrix back.

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0:00 The Matrix Resurrections Intro
0:35 What Happened Since The Matrix Revolutions
1:33 The Analyst Explained
2:06 Meta Easter Eggs
2:35 How The New Matrix Works
4:01 Why Neo Looks Different
4:19 Bugs And How She Was Freed
4:48 The Opening Explained And Morpheus
5:46 Story Breakdown
8:32 The Matrix Resurrections Ending
10:09 Ending Explained
11:03 Post Credits Scene
11:23 Review And Reaction

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul aka The One…out of Ten and this video we’re breaking down The Matrix Resurrections. The movie has a lot to unpack from it’s plot and ending and throughout this we’ll explaining it to you like you’re five and going through the whole film.

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With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into The Matrix Ressurections.

Ok so the Matrix Resurrections comes from the Force Awakens school of reboots in that it pretty much takes some major plot elements from the original movie and somehwat remakes them whilst also providing a sequel.

We pick up sixty years after the events of the third movie and learn that both Trinity and Neo were brought back to life using extensive technology to resurrect the pair.

Turns out that after the events of Revolutions that though there were decades of Peace, the machines realised that the humans were not creating enough energy to sustain them. If you cast your mind back to the first movie it was explained that the machines originally were powered by the solar energy but after humans destroyed the atmosphere they instead turned us into a power source. The machines broke out into a civil war and the Analyst played by Neil Patrick Harris realised that Neo and Trinity were needed to keep humanity at bay and thus they created a new iteration with them at the centre of it.

In order to convince Neo that his memories are fake, he was told that he’s actually a game designer that created the Matrix trilogy of games for Warner Brothers. In this new reality he’s guided by his mysterious Agent who wants him to make a new Matrix and also the Analyst who supplies him with blue pills to keep his powers at bay.

Everything about the Analyst is supposed to subdue him and in his room there are black cats, models of the human brain and butterflies which are of course a symbol for rebirth. His glasses and clothing are also blue hinting towards how he’s meant to be put in place to subdue Neo.