“Daym, why are the comments disabled Fam and where is the option to view likes/dislikes?” Read Below for that answer and let us TRULY discuss this one, as it was meant to be discussed.

– I know I missed yesterday with a Food Review but I was away filming for TV with my Daughter. Also, Friday until next week, I am away at Disney World filming Food Reviews……I am on the HUNT for that #DoleWhip so many of you told me about!!! – So I will not be back with another Food Review until Wednesday; with that said…………..

This video was uploaded to my Vlog Channel ( but was requested to be uploaded to my MAIN CHANNEL for our (long-standing) #FoodieFam, those that recently joined us and the “others” that had no idea I even have a vlog channel……….

To a group of those that both rock with me heavy and those that are a bit confused as to the Food Changes with HOW I go about my Food Reviews, I do hope this video will help answer those questions that you may have.

For those that jumped on a bandwagon and we KNEW you would be coming……I shall leave this as a very ONE WAY street, folks that would like to discuss this video already know how to get at me.

This video will not be monetized. As MANY Creators do, I have disabled the comments & the rating system to truly gather your attention and create an unspoken balance, until you decide to come and talk to me through a more direct one on one experience.

Being that one bad apple can quickly spoil the bunch, THIS is rather unfortunate but YouTube has allowed us a format; as Creators, to control and censor anything less than an actual well thought conversation piece, which is easily executed when we decide to grow from the basic verbal attacks and redundant troll ops.

Now since I created this one way street, let me tell you what happens NEXT…….. Anger incites for once you remove a sense of freedom & blatant trolling, folks begin to riot online…(i.e – down voting older videos, marching their negativity to comment sections that they actually DO have access to……, you get the picture and I am ok with that ;-)) Actually, you are breathing LIFE that way back into forgotten videos and we as Creators appreciate your dedication.

OR, you can stand firm in your thoughts and simply contact me DIRECTLY using the tools provided to you (removing the mask of a screen name):


You see, honestly….I would LOVE to hear from you even when you are NOT in an online witness protection forum. To place you in a space where it becomes a very basic one on one conversation and we both are naturally forced to communicate and hash out what feelings you may have about my general decisions.

A space where the safety net is REMOVED (i.e – The ability to mask behind a screen name) and as Adults, we can play the game of verbal Chess together until a mutual understanding has been reached, if at all.

I am not the FIRST CREATOR to do this and I most definitely will not be the last but for those that care to step out from the shadows of following systematic patterning, I do offer up this opportunity to you.

I look forward to hearing from you and I will see you all next Wednesday with another, “Super Official Food Review!” I believe I am reviewing Sushi next and I am on the search for some FIYAH Indian Food too when I get back in town!!

Final Words: “You cannot make anyone else happy, if you YOURSELF are not happy. People will do their VERY BEST to tear away at your fabric but only if you ALLOW for them to. TAKE BACK YOUR CONTROL and exercise your given rights to LIVE LIFE AS YOU SEE FIT!

Keep in mind, strangers to your life will do THE MOST to take the attention away from that of their own lives. Perfection does not exist with any of us but only a select few are willing to accept that.

I have mastered the art at being PERFECTLY IMPERFECT and I am good with that!”


* To all of our NEW SUBSCRIBERS to the #FoodieFam – thank you for rocking with us!

* To those that will be Unsubscribing due to the changes and or even THIS VIDEO – thank you for rocking with us!

* To my DIE HARD #FoodieFam that hit me up on the daily through all of my Social Media just to discuss the REAL – Y’all already know how I feel about you all, NO DOUBT!! See you all on Periscope and FB Mentions!

#KeepItCrispyBaby – Daym Drops

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