How To CUT STRAIGHT With NO GUIDE! Freehand CIRCULAR SAW CUTTING…Pro Tips, Tricks and Secrets!

How To CUT STRAIGHT With NO GUIDE! Freehand CIRCULAR SAW CUTTING...Pro Tips, Tricks and Secrets!

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How To CUT STRAIGHT With NO GUIDE! Freehand CIRCULAR SAW CUTTING…Pro Tips, Tricks and Secrets!

I’ve been asked a lot of times how I cut straight with a circular saw WITHOUT using a guide or fence. In this short video, I’ll explain some techniques that will help anyone cut straight with a circular saw freehand!

PLEASE NOTE: Circular saws are dangerous. This is just an instructional video. If you attempt to use a circular saw, you do so at your own risk. Please follow all safety instructions as they are described in the manufacturer’s guidelines for your saw. And please be careful!

Here are the keys to cutting straight freehand with a circular saw:
1. Make sure you’re cutting on a stable surface.
2. Establish a cut line–I create mine using a steel straight edge.
3. Spend time on your initial line-up–you want the blade of the circular saw to be in line with the cut path BEFORE you start cutting.
4. Keep both hands on the saw at initial startup. Let the saw spin all the way up before contacting the wood.
5. Proceed very slowly in the beginning–attempt to split the cut line in half up the center.
6. Try to get the full length of the blade into the material on the cut line.

At this point, cutting with a circular saw becomes more stable because much of the blade is encased in the wood (the blade is sitting in the kerf that it has made).

The circular saw wants to cut in a straight line. Don’t let it veer too far off course! Only make small micro-corrections to keep it on track, and try to keep it moving.

When you’re about a foot into the board, you can consider taking your free hand off the pommel and putting it on the board you’re cutting to support it.

Don’t back up too much! This can cause gouges at the front and back of the cut.

If you have to stop cutting, let the circular saw wind all the way down, and don’t budge it. Before you start up again, let the saw spin all the way up to full speed, then try to get right back onto your same cut line.

To finish, pass the blade all the way through the board, then lift it away before the sole plate falls off the far edge.

As always, BE EXTREMELY SAFE WHEN USING CIRCULAR SAWS. Again, this is just an instructional video. Don’t use a saw without supervision if you’re new to carpentry and woodworking. BE SAFE!!

The Honest Carpenter