No Clip Hair Topper Review! Thin Hair Thick Hair Toppers!

No Clip Hair Topper Review! Thin Hair Thick Hair Toppers!

Hey all!! I have been so excited to show you all this amazingly unique CLIPLESS hair topper! When I heard of this no-clip topper, I was like “Say Whaaaa?!” How?? Well, I’m here to show you! For those of you out there looking for a comfortable non-damaging option for volume and coverage on your sparse thin hair, Thin Hair Thick is fantastic!

I reached out to my friends over at Thin Hair Thick, and asked to check out one of these top pieces! Tiffany and her sisters at Thin Hair Thick have all struggled with the challenges of thinning hair, so they created this wonderful patented piece that is unlike anything on the market. Clips and adhesives can cause more stress and hairloss over time, so that’s why I was soooo thrilled to review this topper!

They have beautiful human hair pieces available, but are currently in the process of launching their syntheic line, which should be ready mid October. If you have syntheic color suggestions, you can let them know on Instagram!

The color of this 18″ syntheic topper is 68 Spiced Cocoa

(And I did root her just a bit with a darker brown.)

Please message or comment with any questions! Thank you for watching!

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