Reading Your Funker530 App Reviews

Reading Your Funker530 App Reviews

Get the app here and allow notifications on iOS – | Over 38,000 of you have already joined our app notifications squad over the last month, and it’s been incredible having the ability to reach you guys directly, bypassing social media’s algorithms.

If you’re wondering why we have users create an account to use the app, there are a couple reasons:

1. Because we have NSFW content on the site, the app stores require us to give users the ability to opt out of seeing that content. The safest way to make sure we are following that rule is to make everyone check the 18+ box right out of the gate.

2. We don’t want Funker530 to just be a video viewing platform. We want it to be the new home for our community, with interactive users and lots of comments to read through on every video. Without requiring an account, most people would just skip the process entirely and never bother to leave a comment or vote on videos.

3. We almost never send out email notifications, but being able to reach you guys via email in case we get booted off social media, or even the app stores, means that the powers at be can’t completely erase our ability to reach our community on a whim.

4. We’re planning to implement more social features in the future, and you’ll obviously need an account to take advantage of them. Overall we want the app to be a place where the most dedicated Funker530 followers hangout and contribute to the conversation, and so far it’s been incredible watching it grow and evolve so quickly.

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