wtf is 'induction' cooking?

wtf is 'induction' cooking?

Induction cooktops heat your pan directly with an alternating magnetic current. How does that work? Is it better than gas or electric? Let’s find out.


Industry Research report showing China’s induction cookware market dominance (free summary, full report not free):

Dr. Shannon Yee, engineering professor at Georgia Tech:

Illustration of eddy currents:

Michel Roux Jr showing his updated kitchen at Le Gavroche:

Consumer Reports article testing the performance of gas vs. electric stoves (free sample, full report not free):

My video about whether it’s safe to cook with a ring on:

Survey by iResearch in which most Chinese respondents said they own a small induction hob (not free):

Allied Market Research report that linked the popularity of induction cooking to health-consciousness (free summary, full report not free):

Report presented to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy on the energy efficiency of induction cooktops, which found they’re more efficient than electric when heating small pots but not large pots:

Article questioning the energy efficiency of induction (I don’t really know who this is, but it’s very well-cited and seems well-researched):

wtf is 'induction' cooking?

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