Learn Hindi Through English – Lesson 1

Learn Hindi Through English - Lesson 1

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the “Learn Hindi Through English” Series.

In this video, you will learn to introduce yourself.

This video series is intended for people who are from a different country and want to learn Hindi to converse with people when they visit India.
This video series is also for those non-Hindi-speaking Indians who are about to move to Hindi-speaking states for work.
In this video series, I will not be teaching you too much grammar and will only be concentrating on spoken Hindi.
This video series is not for students who have Hindi in the curriculum of their school.
I’ve made the lessons as simple as possible so that it’ll be easy for you to understand the concept.
So it is up to you to watch the lessons and practice on your own to really understand the concepts.
If you have any doubts, get it cleared from a Hindi-speaking friend if you have one. you can ask in the comment below and I will try my level best to answer all of them.

I’m doing this out of my interest to teach Hindi to you. I’m not affiliated with any organizations nor I am funded by anyone. I am using a cheap mic to record videos (from home) and so you may hear sounds of vehicles/birds/horns/rain etc. Kindly bear with it.

If you want to help me out, here is the link: paypal.me/tnaika
(but there is no obligation at all 🙂 )

Thank you for watching and thank you for your support.
We hope the video helps you to improve your knowledge.
Kindly comment if you find any mistake in our videos.

Here is the playlist of “Learn Hindi Through English” series:

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Thank you 🙂

Learn Hindi Through English – Lesson 1

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