The BEST Anime of Spring 2021 – Ones To Watch

The BEST Anime of Spring 2021 - Ones To Watch

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Spring 2021 has Sprung 30 new anime on us, and most of them are pretty good. What a nightmare! But worry not, I’ve watched them all to help you separate the pretty good from the 10 pretty goodest!

0:00 Even More Too Many Anime
1:15 Express VPN
2:50 A Quick PSA
3:57 Vivy -Flourite Eye’s Song-
6:33 Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro
8:40 86 (Eighty Six)
11:09 Odd Taxi
13:50 Mars Red
16:21 Pretty Boy Detective Club
18:29 Those Snow-White Notes
20:12 Backflip!!
22:05 Tokyo Revengers
24:08 To Your Eternity
26:30 Honourable Mentions

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The BEST Anime of Spring 2021 – Ones To Watch

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