15 Killer Minimal Laptop Bags

15 Killer Minimal Laptop Bags

Some of my favorite minimal laptop bags. Simple but GOOD designs here.

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0:54 GBY Ultralight Backpack http://bag.gg/GBYdaypack

1:37 Thread International Day Owl Backpack http://bag.gg/DayOwlBackpack

2:00 United by Blue Rift Backpack http://bag.gg/UnitedBlueRift

3:07 Topo Daypack http://bag.gg/TopoDaypack

4:22 Anker Small USB C Battery: http://bag.gg/AnkerTiny

5:01 Bellroy Tech Pouch: http://bag.gg/BellroyTechKit

5:24 Brown Buffalo Porter Pen Case: http://bag.gg/BrownBuffPorterpen

6:07 Trakke Fingal http://bag.gg/TrakkeFingal

8:02 Brevité Jumper: https://matterful.co/bag/brevite-jumper/

8:46 YNOT Deploy Packable Backpack: http://matterful.co/bag/ynot-deploy-packable-backpack/

9:42 Qwstion Roll Top: http://bag.gg/QwstBanana

13:24 Mystery Ranch Prizefighter: http://bag.gg/MystRanchPrizefighter

16:04 Evergoods Half-zip 22L: https://matterful.co/bag/evergoods-civic-half-zip-22l/

16:48 Bellroy Classic Premium:

18:29 Bellroy Shift: http://matterful.co/bag/bellroy-shift-backpack/

19:06 Chelon Backpack: https://matterful.co/bag/chelon-everyday-leather-backpack/

20:52 Truce Daypack: http://bag.gg/Truce

21:22 Trakke Foulden Pouches: http://bag.gg/TrakkeFouldenPouch

23:40 Haerfest Backpack: http://bag.gg/haerfest

26:16 Douchebags backpack: http://bag.gg/DouchebagBags

0:01 Chase’s Glasses: http://bag.gg/RaenFav
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15 Killer Minimal Laptop Bags

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