Top 10 EASY Magic Tricks You Can Do NOW! [HOW TO do Tricks REVEALED!]

Top 10 EASY Magic Tricks You Can Do NOW! [HOW TO do Tricks REVEALED!]

Top 10 EASY Magic Tricks You Can Do REVEALED! Amazing and easy to do magic tricks and party tricks you can do to entertain friends! Get Rich’s EASY TO DO MAGIC BOOK! Makes a great gift! Amaze Anyone Anytime Anywhere: Packed with hundreds of Bar Bets, Party Tricks, Impromptu Magic, Tricks with the Secret Help of a Friend … plus Performance Tips and Secrets! Subscribe Now for more Pranks, Tricks, Social Experiments and Fun Videos:

You do not have to master magic for a lifetime to go out and have fun today. This might be a great start to discovering more advanced interest in the magical arts, comedy or entertainment. Click around the channel as we have literally hundreds of magic tutorials teaching thousands of tricks, bar bets and challenges.

Rich Ferguson has been a professional magician of over 25 years and has created numerous top selling DVDs on the subject. Here, he’s sharing super easy tricks anyone can do today! We really hope you enjoy the fun. Outside of Youtube, Rich’s real job is that of a motivational Keynote speaker educating people about Human Behavior and the program is PACKED with interactive magic. Go check out his official site for more information and booking for magic or Speaking.

You can use these fun party tricks in school, the office, at parties or to break the ice. Enjoy! We’ve placed markers for each effect in case you want to jump to your favorite magic trick.

Jumping Magnetic Pen Cap! This simple trick will look like the pen cap must be attached with an elastic band or pulled by a magnet!

Strike Vanish – Make any object disappear and reappear instantly right in front of someones face! Incredible sleight of hand skill everyone should know!

Floating Card in Front of Face Illusion. Don’t be fooled by how simple this is when you watch it. If you saw this in person, this illusion would absolutely fool you!

10 Ways to Levitate Objects:

Jumping Rubber Bands Through Fingers. Two methods are explained. It’s a super impromptu magic effect you can do anywhere! Super visual magic.

Rubber Band Through Wrist AND Object. Mind blowing magic and puzzle. Watch a rubber band literally jump “through” your hand onto the spectators hand or through any object!

Top 10 Rubber band Magic Tricks:

Shooting Card from Deck (Boomerang Card). There’s nothing much more classic, fancy and cool than shooting a playing card from the deck. One you master this amazing trick and skill, you can impress people anywhere. Look like a card expert in no time!

HOW TO EASILY shoot cards 100 MPH and cutting fruit:

Card Throwing Tricks Shots:

Vanishing and Appearing Card (Tenkai Palm). An essential sleight of hand technique you must mater if getting into magic! Make playing cards, business cards or credit cards vanish in a blink! Easily make them reappear with slick sleight of hand magic!

Water from Nose Party Trick. This is a goofy gag that can actually catch people off guard!

5 Party Tricks with Straws:

5 More Straw Tricks:

Appearing and Vanishing Chapstick! Pure sleight of hand that is the building blocks of your own magic. No tricks needed… just skill.

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