How to Use Power BI | Create Your First Dashboard Now (Practice Files included)

How to Use Power BI | Create Your First Dashboard Now (Practice Files included)

Learn how to use Microsoft Power BI and created impressive dashboards. Power BI is so easy to use, but it can seem quite complex and confusing to learn. The best way for you to get started with Power BI is to download the files from the description of this video and then follow along with me. I promise after this session you will love the Power BI environment. We’ll add time intelligence like YOY % calculation and YTD calculations – All in just 20 minutes and without writing a single DAX function!
Power BI can feel overwhelming because it has so many different components. That’s why I’ll take you step by step and you can follow along with me by downloading my practice files. By the end of the video you’ll have created your first interactive Power BI dashboard which we’ll publish to the web. I’ll also show you how you can share your Power BI reports with others and how you can add your report as a separate tab in Microsoft Teams.

00:00 How to use Microsoft Power BI – Tutorial for Beginners
00:30 Download and Install
00:55 Welcome Screen
01:26 Import Data to Your Report
02:24 Transform Data from Text/CSV Using Power Query Editor
05:11 Transform Data from Excel Workbook Using Power Query Editor
08:40 Join Tables with Relationships
10:34 Insert Chart with Slicer
14:03 Insert Tables with Quick Measures
17:24 Insert Map Chart
18:29 Insert Line Chart
18:57 Add KPI Chart to Dashboard
20:17 Save and Publish Report on Web
21:15 Share Report With Others
22:05 Wrap Up

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