How-To REALLY Grow Your BICEPS (The One Thing No One Wants To Admit)

How-To REALLY Grow Your BICEPS (The One Thing No One Wants To Admit)

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Had a chance to watch some videos on how to grow your biceps last week (and to no surprise, there’s a LOT) and one thing that kind of bummed me out was the number of people disparaging others while touting it was THEIR unique exercises or set/rep scheme you needed to follow in order to get proper growth. Well, in this video I wanted to discuss something many people don’t want to admit: that following almost ANY plan, in the beginning, will result in growth of your arms in some form AND that a large portion of advice in many of these “how to grow your bicep” videos are actually RIGHT! As always, it comes down to a few key factors which involve relying on the one person to actually apply the knowledge in order to make it possible: yourself.

I also go over some of my favorite biceps exercises which have helped me grow my biceps, and the reasons WHY they’ve been so beneficial. Hope you enjoy it. STAY BUFF.

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0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Don’t Forget Food
1:21 – The Gym
1:50 – One Simple Action
2:30 – What Can Go Wrong
4:01 – Beginners Tips
4:20 – Advanced Tips
6:48 – My Favorite Biceps Exercises
7:05 – Barbell Curls
8:35 – Incline Dumbbell Curls
11:17 – Concentration Curl
14:20 – What No One Likes To Admit