How to get TSM working with WoW Classic

How to get TSM working with WoW Classic

UPDATE – 2/9/19 – Great news! The TSM team have integrated manual scanning and using DBMarket and DBMinBuyout – – New video here –

This is a quick fix to get Trade Skill Master working with WoW Classic. There will be more developments I’m sure in the future, but this method using Auctionator scans works for now..

Link to Auctionator Quick Fix –

Link to the WoW Economy Discord –

UPDATE1 – 30/8/19 – Auctioneer is now available on their site . and Twitch. Not sure it’s actually working atm due to AH factions, so watch this space

UPDATE2 – 30/8/19 – It appears my understanding of the Auctionator data is wrong thinking it was an average of prices over time. Apparently, it’s just the minBuyout at the time of last scan. Will confirm once I know more.

Timecodes ..

Installing TSM & Auctionator – 1:10
Initial Setup in game & sources – 2:50
Base TSM Settings replacing dbmarket – 5:42
Changing Default Operations – 7:12
Summary & Tooltip Settings – 9:40

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