Learn How To Rap In 4 Simple Steps (2022)

Learn How To Rap In 4 Simple Steps (2022)

In today’s video, we’re going to give you an overview of how your year should look if one of your goals in 2022 is to learn how to rap.

We’ve organized this article in a format that anybody should be able to follow regardless of previous musical knowledge or level of confidence coming into it because:

We believe ANYONE can learn how to rap using the right tools

We believe that the biggest thing stopping beginning artists is consistency

We have been teaching rappers like yourself for more than half a decade…

So we KNOW this stuff works!


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1. Record Early and Often

Okay, so you’ve made the leap and decided you want to learn how to rap this year. 

You may have already written a few rhymes, freestyle over some beats, but you’re already feeling a bit of nervousness about how LONG it will take to fix some of the more difficult parts of the process of learning how to rap.

Two of the most mysterious and difficult parts you will run into in the beginning are: 

* “FLOW”

Vocal delivery in this case being the way you deliver your raps, how your voice sounds over a beat, how confident people perceive you as, and so on.

Flow in this case being the rhythm of your rhymes as they interact the rhythm of the beat, how often you “change” the rhythm of your words and so on.

The most common issues you will run into with these two skill sets is: “I don’t like my voice” and “I don’t sound smooth on the beat like my favorite rappers”.

It’s with this in mind that the first thing you’ll need to do to learn how to rap in 2020 is begin recording yourself immediately OVER beats in order to develop an ear for how you are sounding in relation to the beat, and where you’d like to go.

Just like an other part of rapping like choosing great rhymes or making catchy choruses, being able to reproduce the vocal tone you hear in your HEAD and the vocal tone you deliver on a track is a SKILL that needs to be DEVELOPED.

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