How to Become a Man in a Feminist Society | Guest: Rollo Tomassi | 12/8/21

How to Become a Man in a Feminist Society | Guest: Rollo Tomassi | 12/8/21

A University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer continues to dominate the competition with more record-breaking wins. Lia Thomas blew away the other swimmers in not-so-stunning fashion. Is this really fair to women? The U.S. FDA is now asking a judge to give it 75 YEARS to release information about the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines. 20 years longer than their previous request, one has to wonder why they actually need this long to produce the data, and to wonder what exactly that data is going to show. Are they trying to hide something from the public and, if so, what? Hillary Clinton released an ad for the Masterclass she’ll be doing, proving losers can still win if they try hard enough. We’re joined in-studio by Rollo Tomassi, best-selling author and host of “The Rational Male” YouTube channel.

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