2021 Tata Tigor EV review – EV does it? | First Drive | Autocar India

2021 Tata Tigor EV review - EV does it? | First Drive | Autocar India

If you’re looking to go electric, there’s a new option for you in the form of the Tata Tigor EV. Nikhil Bhatia tells you what it’s like and if it’s the EV to buy.

Camerapersons: Dinesh Harale, Shreyans Chordia
Editor: Mohit Sharma

0:00 – Introduction
0:51 – Tata Tigor EV battery and motor
1:08 – Tata Tigor EV performance
2:44 – Tigor EV vs Nexon EV
3:13 – Tigor EV vs Tigor AMT
3:20 – Tata Tigor EV creep mode
3:38 – Tata Tigor EV hill start
3:54 – Tata Tigor EV regenerative braking
4:32 – Tata Tigor EV handling
4:42 – Tata Tigor EV ride comfort
5:11 – Tata Tigor EV ground clearance
5:28 – Tata Tigor EV highway performance
5:55 – Tata Tigor EV range
6:08 – Tata Tigor EV charging
6:32 – Tata Tigor EV styling
7:27 – Tata Tigor EV boot space
7:45 – Tata Tigor EV battery protection
8:09 – Tata Tigor EV interior
9:23 – Tata Tigor EV features
9:45 – Tata Tigor EV rear seat
10:25 – Tata Tigor EV crash test rating & safety features
10:42 – The Nexon EV factor
11:08 – Tata Tigor EV price and verdict
12:06 – BTS

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