Ozzy Man Reviews: Old People

Ozzy Man Reviews: Old People

Here’s me commentary on old people, dedicated to Captain Sir Tom Moore.

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Source Videos:
1. Sir Tom Moore: tinyurl.com/ycd2h2pd
2. Sir Tom Moore: tinyurl.com/ydayc7bu
3. Sir Tom Moore: tinyurl.com/yb9wsxt7
4. Grandpa Tosses Away Canes (Jukin Media): tinyurl.com/ycxkn5pv
5. Silent Disco (Jukin Media): tinyurl.com/ybu9kg8m
6. Group of Seniors Learn to Floss (Jukin Media): tinyurl.com/yddfao8y
7. Sexy Grandma @marianafmatos: tinyurl.com/y7lgeg46
8. Thirsty Grandma @odedrascrivenss: tinyurl.com/y9t463zf
9. Old Woman Walking Microwave: tinyurl.com/y96hxfbq
10. Vicious Dog Man: tinyurl.com/yb6xs37t
11. Vicious Dog Man follow up: tinyurl.com/y88jt4tj
12. Holding Up Bridge Traffic (ViralHog): tinyurl.com/yd2wu38s
13. Senior Couple Rides Slingshot (Jukin Media): tinyurl.com/ydz4ubog
14. 70 Year Old Man Climbing (ViralHog): tinyurl.com/y8bnx7gj

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