Tesla Model Y Review 5,000 Miles Later

Tesla Model Y Review 5,000 Miles Later

How has the Tesla Model Y held up over the past 5,000 miles and what have we learned since we took delivery in April?

The Tesla Model Y started delivering in March of 2020. We took delivery in the beginning of April and have since put on just over 5,000 miles. There have been some highlights in that time, specifically around cost, and now is a great time to discuss the good and bad over this time.

Financially, the Tesla Model Y has been an extremely positive experience. There is no question that the cost to operate an electric vehicle is substantially cheaper than a traditional gas car. I will break down that cost difference in the video, which includes how much we would have spent on gas in the same period vs the electricity that we have purchased.

I like to talk a lot about the overall driving experience of the Tesla Model Y and why it is such a compelling car. There are so many great features, beyond just the cost savings. The safety of the vehicle is one of the areas the car shines and is often overlooked. Also, it’s a fun car to drive. Road trips are made easier with Autopilot, but that does not mean it’s a perfect system.

Finally, I will overview the various accessories that we have purchased during our ownership that I think are good value. I also highlight the accessories we are looking forward to adding to the Tesla soon.

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