How To Enjoy November // romanticizing the transition from autumn to winter

How To Enjoy November // romanticizing the transition from autumn to winter

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Hello Friends!
I got the idea for this video because I love November and I feel like it always gets overlooked. For me, it’s peak dark academia season. All the cozy vibes, murder mysteries, baking, old classic films and rainy evening walks. So I hope you enjoy some of these tips for how to enjoy November. A lot of them are specific to what I like to do, but I hope maybe you can at least just a little bit of inspiration 🙂

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Some of my favorite old/black and white films //
– Roman Holiday
– Charade
– The Shop Around The Corner
– It’s a Wonderful Life
– Rear Window
– To Catch a Theif
– Dial M For Murder
– All That Heaven Allows
– An American in Paris
– Rebecca
– It Happened One Night
– The Lady Vanishes

Music //
Amazing music at the beginning of the video is by Leith Ross! They’re so insanely talented and one of my new favorite artists. You can check them out on TikTok here:
Little Women (The Beach) – Alexandre Desplat Piano Cover by White Admiral

Taylor Swift – Champagne Problems Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Fodor Szilard

Sherlock – Classical Guitar Cover by David Weese & Derek Sena

Willows Young Crow – Cold Steel Hands

All other songs are from Epidemic Sound or MusicBed

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