How to add text and titles to video (advanced tutorial) with Filmora

How to add text and titles to video (advanced tutorial) with Filmora

In this video, we are going to show you how to add text to video and customize them freely with Wondershare Filmora. Download Filmora free trial here:

More title templates are available!

In the latest Filmora 7.0, we’ve newly added a pro-level text editor which gives you full control over the captions or titles you can add to your video. For example, you can embed text effects from the pre-made effect library; customize them by changing the display duration, fonts, color of the text, or design your own titles by using fonts installed in your computer etc.
We will show you how you can easily create text effects like this right away.

Step1: Insert a text effect
Click TEXT/CREDIT in the toolbar to access the list of available static or animated text styles. Filmora has over 150 text/credit effects for your choice, pick one you like and drop it into the text track on the timeline.
Double click on the text layer; enter your text content. And then choose a font available from the font family, specify the text size. If the font you are looking for isn’t listed in the font family, you can just download the fonts on the web and install them in your computer. Then you’ll be able to use them in your video.

Step2: Customize the text
Choose the Advanced button here to enter the Advanced text editing panel. Go to the left sidebar menu, there you can:
1. change the color for the entire text or partial text
2. apply borders to your text
3. add shadow effects
4. What’s more, you can apply some animation effects to your text. To do that, click this Animation tab on the top, select one and double click on it to apply.
Apart from these editing options, our pro-level text editor allows you to do more. Navigate to the toolbar on the top of the interface, you can add a shape around your text, customize its color and border, move the layer to the bottom. You can add many more text layers by clicking on this icon. Likewise, you can customize them freely.

That’s it. I hope you’ve learned how to add text for your videos and customize them by using Filmora. Click the link in the description box below to visit and download a free trial version to get started now! Thanks for watching!