How to Survive Rabies

How to Survive Rabies

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Rabies is an infection caused by a Lyssavirus, which means “”rage poison”” in Latin. It only infects the central nervous systems of mammals, changing their behavior and eventually destroying their brains. An infected animal will become more aggressive, and it will probably bite other animals to keep spreading the virus. And, of course, this includes humans. Unfortunately, more than 60,000 people worldwide die of rabies every year. So we found the best ways you can avoid becoming just another one of those statistics. How can you identify a rabid animal? If one bites you, how soon should you get medical attention? And has anyone survived rabies without using the vaccine?

00:00 Intro
03:23 Step 1: Beware the Drool
04:22 Step 2: Don’t Pet the Raccoon
04:54 Step 3: Arm yourself
05:40 Step 4: Run to the Doctor
06:27 Step 5: Protect Your Brain

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