GoPro Hero 10 Black Review: 16 Things to Know!

GoPro Hero 10 Black Review: 16 Things to Know!

Here’s your complete GoPro Hero 10 Black in-depth review, covering all the newness of GoPro’s latest action camera, feature by feature, both the good and the bad. The Hero 10 sports a pile of new resolutions and modes including 5K/60, 2.7K/240p, and 4K/120FPS.

Beginners Guide:
All footage (including download share) is linked from this video:

Here’s the two cables you’ll want:
iOS Lightning Cable: (usually about $12-$15 on Amazon)
Android USB-C to USB-C Cable: (you can also find shorter ones)
GoPo Hero 10 Black on Amazon: (link supports the channel, thanks!!!

0:00 Pricing and Overview
0:54 Frame Resolution Increases
1:27 GP2 Chipset
2:03 23.6MP Photo in All Modes
2:59 Hydrophobic Lens Cover
3:41 Wired Camera Offloads
5:03 Livestreaming with HyperSmooth
5:29 Faster WiFi Downloads
5:45 HyperSmooth 4.0 Leveling
6:40 More Responsive Touchscreen
7:05 Local Tone Mapping in Videos
7:48 Front Screen Faster
8:39 Higher Res Still Frames
9:14 But not for LiveBurst
9:26 Better Low Light Performance
10:05 GoPro Mod Compatibility
10:55 Bucket of Randomness
11:51 Wrap-Up

Thanks to @DesFit for his bodily assistance throughout the video throwing himself down a mountain on a bike at higher speeds than I was willing to do. 🙂

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