How to Make PUMPKIN GNOCCHI Like an Italian

How to Make PUMPKIN GNOCCHI Like an Italian

Gnocchi are a staple in Italian kitchens but while potato gnocchi are the most well-known, they’re not the only ingredient you can use to make gnocchi! This seasonal gnocchi recipe uses roasted pumpkin to create gnocchi infused with Pecorino Romano cheese that are smothered in a creamy burnt butter and sage sauce.
Before everyone tells me this isn’t traditional, hear this: before potatoes became popular in Italian cuisine and pasta in the 1600s, pumpkins were often used to create gnocchi topped with breadcrumbs and covered with grated fontina cheese…UMMM, YUM! Enjoy my version, I know Ill be making pumpkin gnocchi next time I see Nonna.

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0:00 Introduction to Pumpkin Gnocchi
0:59 Welcome to Vincenzo’s Plate
1:15 Pumpkin Gnocchi Ingredients
1:45 Bake the pumpkin
2:17 Pumpkin Gnocchi Dough
5:35 Shape Pumpkin Gnocchi
10:15 How to make Butter and Sage sauce
13:16 Combine the Pumpkin Gnocchi with sauce
14:37 Time to Eat the Pumpkin Gnocchi, E ora si Mangia


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