2021 KIA Carnival (11-Seater) – Family Car!

2021 KIA Carnival (11-Seater) - Family Car!

Hey Guys, Here’s the all new 2021 KIA Carnival (11-Seater) – Family Car!

Kia unveiled the all-new Sedona this week at home in South Korean where the revamped minivan will continue to be sold as the Carnival.

While the interior will be available with up to 11 seats, the three Sedona minivans Kia had on display in Seoul had the other cabin configurations with fewer seats. Much like the exterior has practically nothing in common with the old one, the interior also represents a major change, highlighted by the dual 12.3-inch screens. The dual-panel sunroof with the rear glass also opening is a neat feature, as is the handsfree sliding door automatically opening once you approach it with the key in your pocket.

The Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey are the Sedona’s most contemporary competitors

What are your thoughts on this amazing Family Minivan?

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2021 KIA Carnival (11-Seater) – Family Car!

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