Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review: The Four-Pocket Laptop

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review: The Four-Pocket Laptop

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I didn’t realize how irreversibly changed I’d been by folding smartphones … until one of them broke on me.

As I covered back in April, the screen on my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 spontaneously spawned some cracks at the crease, their jagged edges reminding me with each swipe how precarious my seven-month-old daily driver had suddenly become. 

To its credit, Samsung repaired my phone at no cost, with a minimum of fuss: a quick couple calls and a trip to the UPS store got me a fully-fixed Fold 2 returned to me in one week. And while I worry that a similar failure might befall my Galaxy Z Fold 3 (for reasons we’ll talk about), that experience ultimately only reinforced my commitment to foldables. See, each of the seven days I was without my Fold 2 felt less productive, and more frustrating … because I genuinely couldn’t do as much on a conventional phone.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 only adds more features to Samsung’s foldable family, and it does so for $200 less than last year’s sticker price. That makes it my next daily driver, and my new recommendation for anyone who wants to get the most from a mobile phone. I’m Michael Fisher; join me for MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review.



MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review was produced following fifteen days with a Galaxy Z Fold 3 review sample (model SM-F926U1) provided by Samsung and tested on Verizon in New York City. Preproduction device running pre-release software, version RP1A.200720.012.F926U1UEU1AUG8.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review: The Four-Pocket Laptop

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